UPDATE 02/21/2021Water shut off at all RMR Parks until repaired
Due to extreme weather, we have water leaks in the restrooms at North Park and South Park and possible issues with the well house in the Spring Creek Park. Water will be shut off at all parks till we get a plumber out for repairs.  We will inform RMR property owners once the repairs are completed.  Hope you and all your loved ones are safe and healthy and you have recovered from the weather issues.

Update 02/07/2021
RMR South Park will be closed to community access starting Monday, 2/8/2021
Due to next week's forecast of extreme weather, the South Park improvement project scheduled to begin late next week will now begin Monday, February 8th.  Effective Monday, February 8th at 8 am, RMR South Park located at 204 Hoskins Trail will be closed to community access.  The improvement project is expected to last 10 days, barring delays from extreme weather.  It is the goal of your RMR POA Board to have your South Park fully restored and open for community use in time for Spring Break.  We apologize for the inconvenience of the last minute closure, but we want to have this project completed as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding, and we will see you at the river before long!

Update 11/20/2020RMR Property Owners Approved increase in annual dues from $200 to $275
Dear Residents - This increase will mitigate the on-going depletion of our reserves. POAs are advised to maintain reserves to cover 3 years’ expenses. As of 11/19/20 we are approximately, $135K short of the “3 years’ reserves”. By our estimates, with this increase, we will be able to meet our annual expenses & accumulate the required reserves in the next 5-7 years, barring any emergency.

At the board meeting held on 11/18/20, residents discussed dedicated funding source for dam maintenance under a dedicated “Dam Maintenance Fund”.  Board will solicit total estimate for the recommended repairs and share what we discover at the next POA Meeting on January 2021 (date TBD) at 7 PM at the Spring Creek Park.  

The proposal to allow Chickens is still undecided, we are short 33 votes as of 11/18/20.

Hope you and all your loved ones are healthy and safe – Happy Thanksgiving & have a blessed day
Sincerely, RMR POA Board

Update 9/30/20 - RMR South Park (204 Hoskins Trail) Access and Repair Project
Due to unforeseen delays with the contractor, the South Park repair project remains unfinished.  While your Board works to have this project completed as quickly as possible, we are happy to announce the park will reopen to all residents on Friday October 2nd.

The lower driveway will remain closed, and no motor vehicle of any type (including UTVs and ATVs) are allowed below the upper parking lot.  Residents may access the river on foot only and via the stairway and must stay out of the construction area. 

For your personal safety and safety of all residents, please do not enter the restricted area beyond the fencing and please comply with signage at the construction site.  

Thank you for your patience.


Update 9/23/2020 - Election Results & Ballot Updates
The results of the election board are in and we have new RMR POA Board Members.  Click on this LINK to view the announcement, information and status regarding the ballot issues: 1) Increasing annual dues by $75, and 2) Allowing chickens.
Update 9/2/2020Update on RMR South Park access and construction project
Dear fellow RMR Residents,
  I'd like to give you an update on the construction on the South Park project.  Due to unfortunate delays due to the contractor getting sick and unforeseen delays of the welder working on vital parts needed for project, the project has been delayed almost two months. These delays have been lessons learned to the contractor.  The project will be under construction though next week. With this said, the contractor will temporarily fence in the construction site during the Labor Day weekend.  The park will be open for owners and guests for walk traffic only from Saturday-Sunday-Monday (5-7 Sep).  Please respect the fencing and signage of the construction site.   We have not had a good rain event in weeks so the river is at a very low level. The river is running very slowly in the middle and stagnate water near the banks. We need a good rain event up stream to get the Guadalupe River flowing at a healthy level again. Any questions please forward them to me by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you for your understanding on the snail’s pace speed concerning the South Park project.
Tom Gonzales
VP of Operations

Update 8/23/2020 - Online Voting for POA Board Members and Update on South Park Repairs
It is election time! On 8/20/20, all residents who have provided us a valid email address should have received an invitation to vote online. You will be voting for:
  • Three (3) board positions
  • Two (2) architectural committee position
  • Two (2) proposed "Amendments" to our Covenant

The first amendment is requesting an increase in the annual Property Maintenance Assessment (see Section 6.01) and the second amendment for allowing chickens for personal use (see Section 3.10).

Details on amendments and candidates are available as you log on to vote. Election results for open positions will be announced at the Annual POA meeting in September. Each amendment requires Quorum, respectively. We will announce the results for amendments once the quorum has been met and a definitive majority has been established.

Amendment votes can remain open for no more than 12 months. Your prompt vote for the amendments can help finalize the results sooner and save additional expenses associated with keeping the vote open for 12 months. Please vote at your earliest convenience. If you prefer to vote by mail or in person, stay tuned for additional information.

NOTE: Regarding the repairs at the South Park, we are facing unexpected delays and working diligently with the contractor to complete the work. We deeply appreciate your patience and understanding.

Wishing you the very best; be safe!


Update 8/1/2020 - South Park Closure starting 8/3/2020

Dear residents- hope you and all your loved ones are safe and well. After a long and unexpected delay, South Park repairs begin this Monday, August 3rd and will last for 2 weeks. South Park will be closed for the duration of the repairs.  Any change to the closure will be announced on the RMR website. Best wishes to all from the RMR Board.
Update 6/29/2020 - "South Park Repair Status"

Great news.... The repair project is underway. We are in stage 4 of the 6 project stages.

  1. Define project parameters 
  2. Gather bids and select a general contractor
  3. Award the contract June 5
  4. Monitor progress and inspections for timeliness and quality
  • Supplies ordered and prep work starts off site
  • On-site work begins for demolition and site prep (Scheduled July 6) barring weather delays
  • Each stage is monitored and inspected for quality assurance
  1. Final inspection and final payment (Scheduled July 23), barring weather delays
  2. Open the park for the residents (Scheduled July 24) barring weather delays

Thanks to all the board members and our generous RMR resident engineer for providing his Engineering know-how for the dam project as well as this project. Special thanks to our VP of Operations Mr. Tom Gonzales who will oversee the project on-site. We will keep you all posted. Best wishes to all residents and all their loved ones.

Update 04/20/2020With the Governor's press conference last Friday, the RMR parks will reopen Monday, April 20th.
As always, park activities are at the risk of the user and compliance with Kendall County guidelines for COVID-19 prevention is encouraged.  https://www.co.kendall.tx.us/page/Judges%20updates

Update 04/09/2020 - The Board has agreed to cancel the RMR POA Regular Board Meeting - April 21st, following the mandated orders from State and County where there are no group gatherings allowed.   Our next Regular Board Meeting for June 9th will be confirmed and announced closer to that date.

*********************  Update 04/04/2020  *********************  


With the continued spread of COVID-19 and following county and state guidelines, the RMR board has decided to close all parks temporarily. We will monitor the situation and re-open as soon as possible.   We are doing everything we can to prevent the spread of this Virus. The Board's focus is on the safety of all residents of RMR and neighboring communities. We appreciate your understanding during these trying times.

Be Safe,

The River Mountain Ranch board of directors

Below are a few helpful state, and local government links regarding notices and orders for our area.

State of Texas Info Texas Executive Orders & Public Health Disaster Declaration:


Kendall County Notices and Orders:


City of Boerne info: